For parties of 8 people and more, the menu must be agreed upon on beforehand, and no later than 2 days prior to arrival.

We offer our 10 course “family style” menu to share, kr. 395,- pr. Person.

This is excellent for larger parties, which provides a cozy and relaxed atmosphere around the table. The menu is set by the kitchen on the day and must be ordered by the entire party.

We can compose a 5-glass wine menu as well, that are suited for each ‘heat’, kr. 450,- pr. Person.


Gorilla Package

– Welcome pitcher

– Menu with 10 servings

– Wine pairing 5-glasses

– Mineral Water

– Coffee

Price per person kr. 980,-


Price per person kr. 560,-, without wine menu, wine is ordered on site.


Special weekday package 1 (Monday till Thursday)

– 8-servings menu

– 2 gl. house wine, beer or soft drinks

– Mineral water

– Coffee

Price per person kr. 495,-


Special weekday package 2 (Monday till Thursday)

– 10-servings menu

– 3 gl. house wine, beer or soft drinks

– Mineral water

– Coffee

Price per person kr. 575,-


Gorilla package all night in weekends with free bar after the dinner

Here you’ll decide your arrival time from 7pm, and with free bar* (*= incl. pitchers, long drinks such as GT and Dark’n’Stormt, beer and house wine until 01:30.

-Welcome pitcher

-10 course menu

-5-glass wine menu

-Mineral water


+ free bar* after the dinner (during the dinner is after consumption)

Gorilla package all night with wine menu and free bar*, price pr. Person kr. 1.480,- / without wine menu, kr. 1.030,- pr. person

If nothing else is agreed upon, mineral water will be placed on the table when you arrive. With and without bubbles for 35,- pr. Person. It is ad libitum, and we’ll fill up during the dinner.


We have the possibility to alter the menu, if there are allergies or dietary requests. This must be agreed upon beforehand, and the price will be the same as for the normal menu. The number of courses can vary, depending on which allergy we’re dealing with.